Burma Myanmar


In Myanmar we realized one the most audacious traveler’s dream, visit the land where hundreds of religious stupas rise out of misty plains and where villages float peacefully upon the Inle Lake.

If you want to experience the old Indochina, in fact, there isn’t a better destination than this mysterious country, which only began allowing Western travelers into its borders in recent years.

In Yangon we took a Riverboat to Bagan, the country’s spiritual center. Over 2,000 pagodas, stupas and temples dot the golden plains of Bagan – a once-in-a-lifetime sight to behold, best seen from above by private hot air balloon. Images that will remain forever in our minds.

There’s something mysteriously beautiful about Inle lake, especially in the early-morning mist. As we glide across its glistening surface we watch wooden canoes, powered by the famous leg-rowers, do their morning fishing by throwing out their nets. Gliding further along the enchanting floating gardens and floating farmers villages we get a chance to visit local markets, lotus and silk weaving villages, Pagodas and Monasteries.

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