Fourteen days with seven Classic Cars in Namibia, a sparsely populated country bursting with natural wonders. Sky-high dunes, wide deserts, magnificent coastlines as well as abundant wildlife. It is Africa’s best-kept secret.

On our trip we set off for the towering sand dunes and rocky outcroppings of Sossusvlei, traversing timeless, sun-baked landscapes. We went for a buggy ride in the endless dunes of the Namib Desert, then down to the breathtaking Fishriver Canyon, the Skeleton Coast and the Cape Cross Seal Reserve with more than 100.000 seals,

Then we experienced a friendly visit to the Himba and Herero’s tribes and finally embark on safaris to see the big 5 in Etosha National Park, Namibia’s best private game reserve.

Nobody of us won’t probably forget this incredible experience.

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